Poll Results: Popular Social Media Tools, Chosen By You

A few weeks ago, I set out learn what popular social media tools community & brand managers are using, both in their personal & professional lives, to manage various social networks. The response was impressive, and although this certainly cannot be considered scientific by any means, it did provide an interesting look at just what people are using on a regular basis.

Before I get to the results of this social media poll, I should first explain why the interest in the first place. While I personally do not manage social media marketing for any clients, I have in the past– and, the agency I work for does, as well. Thing is, I get a barrage of emails, many due to this site, from companies asking me to test their latest social monitoring or management platform. Sometimes I wish I could work with them all; then again, I often find myself resorting back to the tried-and-true tools.

My curiosity, really, was something like, “well, if do things this way, do others, too?”.

The answer: yeah, pretty much….

  • Buffer & Klout both took top position, at 26.3% each
  • Hootsuite was next at 21.1%
  • Mention, the social media listening tool, and “Other” tied at 10.5%
  • None of the participants chose Tweetdeck or Sprout

Unfortunately, those that chose “Other” did not write-in any choices. I was surprised to see Tweetdeck not get any votes; though, I imagine many former users have migrated to Hootsuite at this point.

I would like to personally thank all of those that participated. For anyone reading, what do you think of these results? Any surprises? Let me know!

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