Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use?

There are dozens of social media tools available for both business and private use– I’ve tried most of the popular ones, and while I have my own favorites, I am curious to see what others out there rely on to both manage social media & provide “listening” for clients.¬†

Below is a brief poll containing some of the popular social media tools on the market. Since this particular polling format didn’t allow write-in votes, if you do select “Other”, it would be great if you could leave the name of those other platforms in the comments below. You may select as many of the options on the list as you’d like.

I disabled the social log-in for this particular poll (ironic, given the topic), so all answers will remain anonymous.

I will post the results in a future post & update this one with a link once we reach a statistical significance. Please bookmark this page and return later for the results of this social media tools poll.

This poll is now closed. Please check back soon for the results!

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