Social Media Marketing Cheatsheet for 2017 [Infographic]

Whether you work at an agency or are looking to begin freelancing in digital marketing, social media is a channel you’re going to not only learn—but master—if you truly want to get optimal results for your clients.

Which social networks you use for what campaigns depend on a lot: what creatives you have, your clients goals, and how much budget they have available all need to be factored in to the selection process. Between Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, there may be some parity in the advertising products—but the results can vary widely.

With this in mind, our friends at have created the below social media marketing cheatsheet, to help digital marketers better understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of the most popular social networks offering advertising options. This valuable guide examines average ad performance by key metrics, best working placements, and the approximate costs to hire an outside consultant.

Check out the below social media marketing cheatsheet for more details, and let us know how this infographic compares to your own experiences in the comments!

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