How Marketers Spend the Super Bowl: #HashtagBowl

As a lifelong Bears fan, one who just happened to be born 3 years before the Super Bowl Shuffle, the big game often has very little personal meaning to me. Don’t get me wrong– I love football, and as football games go, the championship is one of the more exciting events in all of sports– but, until the Bears return to the game, it’s usually just something to watch, instead of something to get ecstatic over.

Although a bit cliche, often one of the most entertaining aspects of the Super Bowl are the commercials. As a student of marketing, there have been many years where I’ve found myself more interested in the ads then the game itself. As a digital nerd, I do enjoy seeing the response of the public to these ads– with social media, today, we have a real-time way of doing so.

Enter Marketing Land’s Super Bowl Hashtag Bowl. Teaming up with Hootsuite, the site will be once again tallying real-time metrics to see not only which advertisers are inciting the most discussion, but also, what networks people are using to do so. According to the site, only about 25% of brands utilized hashtags during the 2012 Super Bowl Hashtag Bowl; that number more than doubled in 2013; and it’s expected to continue to rise this year.

Marketing Land will also be providing post-game analysis of the most shared and discussed brands during and following the game, as well as additional metrics that I’m sure brand managers will find useful. Personally, I like the concept of the Super Bowl Hashtag Bowl, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this page as the Broncos & Seabirds battle it out on February 2nd.

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