Twitter Account @SochiProblems Highlights Winter Olympics’, Uh, Issues

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have just begun, and yet, they already seem to be riddled with issues. From the Olympic Torch going out an amazing 44 times to stray dogs to reporters broadcasting stories of unfinished hotel rooms and yellow water, Sochi has not been, what we’d call, a “success” thus far.

So, of course, this had to go viral.

Someone picked up the Twitter Account @SochiProblems, because, of course they did, and began Tweeting photos and stories from the disheveled mess currently underway in the former Soviet Union.

I’ve embedded some Tweets here, but this just grazes the surface what the @SochiProblems account is putting out there. It’s magical, if not also very, very sad.







And, finally, courtesy of Buzzfeed….


It’s fairly safe to assume, Russia won’t be hosting another Olympics for quite some time…