Twitter Finally Gets a Bulk Ads Editing Tool

While social media campaign management is still nothing like what SEMs have with Google AdWords, Facebook’s Power Editor and the newly-minted Twitter bulk ads editor are giving social media marketers greater ability to manage large numbers of campaigns in a scalable solution.

Announced yesterday, the Twitter bulk ads editor utilizes Excel to enable SMMs to modify and make updates to campaigns within a spreadsheet, which can then be re-uploaded to the ads platform. Those that have been in paid search for a while can remember a time when AdWords campaigns were updated in a similar fashion — this method is miles behind where Google is now, with AdWords Editor, and trails Facebook in terms of innovation; but, it is a step in the right direction for the social network.

Of course, editing in Excel is far from a perfect solution. Errors were common in the old AdWords days, as an editable field allows room for human error to intercede and prevent changes from being updated in the platform (or, worse yet, changes not meant to be made — such as major increases in daily budget — going live for some time before anyone notices).

Outside of the above video, Twitter has provided very little information about ads editor — including screenshots — but did say that it will be rolling out globally to advertisers over the coming weeks. Once available, the Twitter ads editor can be found after logging into, and clicking on the “Tools” menu at the top of the page (this is the same place where Twitter’s new Event Targeting can be found as well).