Twitter’s New Character Count Rules Now In Effect

The infamous 140 Twitter character count was officially relaxed a bit today, following the implementation of rule changes announced earlier this year.

To recap the changes: media such as photos, videos, Quote Tweets, and polls no longer count towards the 140-character maximum. Links, on the other hand, still count. Twitter also ditched the need for users to add a “.” before the “@username” in order for a tweet to appear in followers’ Timelines.

The Twitter character count changes are designed to make the service simpler for new users—which the company has seen little of lately, but hopes that media partnerships such as streaming Thursday Night Football will help increase. The first of such broadcasts drew over 2 million, though there is still no word how many of those were existing Twitter account holders.

Ironically, as TechCrunch points out, one almost needs a cheat sheet to remember what does/does not count towards the 140-character limit under the new rules. Instead of making things “simpler”, Twitter took one slightly convoluted principal & made it is just that much more confusing.

Anyway, for heads out there not spinning yet, Twitter’s new character count rules are now live. So, you know….go tweet something.