The Twitter Connect Tab: Giving You Suggested People to Follow

If your Timeline has been looking a little sparse lately—or you’re just bored with the same old Tweeps—the new Twitter Connect tab is here to help you find interesting people to follow; both those you know and popular accounts within select verticals.

The Twitter Connect tab is the company’s latest attempt to get its users more engaged with the platform, by suggesting accounts to follow based on numerous factors—including, but not limited to, accounts you already follow, popular accounts in your local area, and Twitterers you’ve interacted with in the recent past.

Image via Twitter

Twitter is also enabling mobile users to sync the app with their address books automatically, so not only can they find friends & family already on the platform, but be notified when a connection signs up.

The new Connect tab is available for iOS and Android users starting now—just update the app to the latest version, and you should see a blue prompt in the top left corner.