Twitter Opens Monetization Deal to All Video Creators with Pretty Sweet Terms

Offering the same deal the company made with the likes of the NFL earlier this year, a new Twitter monetization deal for video content creators was announced on Tuesday—one with considerably better terms than other top video destinations.

According to Re/code, Twitter is offering content creators 70% of the revenue earned from pre-roll ads sold to run alongside their videos. This is significantly higher than the 55% both YouTube & Facebook currently pay out (though, arguably, it will have to be, in order to entice people to come to a smaller platform). It is the same rev-share agreement Twitter has with larger publishers like Buzzfeed under the company’s Amplify program, which was expanded back in June.

Whether or not this works out to be a better deal for content creators remains to be seen. On paper, the pay-out is a larger percentage: however, Twitter has but a fraction of the daily video views of either Facebook (and Instagram) or YouTube. In addition, as MarketingLand notes, advertisers are pushing Twitter for lower video rates, an issue that won’t help content creators generate higher CPM yields.

Twitter’s new content monetization deal does not require creators to remain exclusive to the network, meaning they can share their videos to other channels and earn revenue there as well, provided those platforms don’t have exclusivity in place.

Other Twitter-owned properties, Vine & Periscope, are not included in this rev-share deal; though, given that Vine has been a breeding ground for so-called “Internet stars” on the video scene, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this agreement roll out to that platform as well. Both networks had their default video lengths extended earlier this Summer.

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