Twitter’s Direct Response Ads Exit Beta

2015 has been a busy year for the folks at Twitter.

After reaching a deal with Google to begin selling ads through DoubleClick Bid Manager (and allow post-view attribution through DoubleClick), and just this week surfacing tweets in Google search results, Twitter’s Direct Response ads have finally rid themselves of their beta label.

In an announcement on their blog yesterday, Twitter detailed the newer ad objectives that are now available to users globally. In addition to the classics — website clicks, tweet engagement, and promoted account — Twitter advertisers can choose from ad units designed to increase app installs or engagement, video views (from Twitter’s own platform), or collect leads in the form of email addresses right on Twitter itself.

Image via Twitter

While, besides for the lead gen ad unit, none of these Direct Response ads are unique to Twitter, one exciting benefit for SMMs is that these ads can be purchased on a CPA-basis. Instead of paying every time someone clicks on an ad unit, advertisers will only be charged when someone completes the desired action — be it app installs, video views, leads, etc.

In addition to just app install goals, marketers can set up a re-engagement campaign in Twitter. This ad’s objective will be to get consumers who have downloaded an app — but haven’t used it in some time — to open the app & experience it once again.

Interestingly, Twitter’s Direct Response ads (namely, their pricing model) were blamed by CFO Anthony Noto for the company missing Q1 revenue expectations.

Twitter is obviously hoping that global participation in these Direct Response ads  — particularly, from new advertisers who were skeptical about running ads on the network in the past — will help the company offset some of the opportunity cost. This, combined with objectives to show ads in profiles and rev-share opportunities for publishers displaying tweets on their website, are among many new initiatives we anticipated seeing from Twitter this year.