Twitter Reportedly Testing Emoji “Reactions”, Just Like Facebook

Seemingly not satisfied with simply converting the “Fav” button into some sort of magical exploding heart (see below), a Twitter emoji reactions test has been discovered via a jailbroken version of the iOS app.

Twitter user _Ninji uncovered the Twitter emoji “reactions” on Monday, which seemingly give users new ways to show others love for their tweets, besides for the stock Retweet and new Heart icons. Verge reached out to Twitter for a response on these reaction emojis, to which  their literal statement was the speak-no-evil monkey (which I won’t post here, since WordPress is unkind to emojis for some reason).

This “test”—if that’s what indeed we’re seeing here—comes on the heels of Facebook introducing a “Reactions” beta to limited users in Europe. The Reactions emojis on Facebook were rolled out after founder Mark Zuckerberg finally responded to years of users’ requests for a “Dislike” button on the popular social network.

There have been no reports of seeing these Twitter emoji reactions out in the wild just yet; but, given the company’s lack of a clear response, we may just hear more about this test in the coming weeks.