Twitter Event Targeting Takes Guesswork Out of Live Moments

Everyone working in digital marketing knows that live events such as the Super Bowl are prime moments for social media advertising — especially on Twitter, where millions of posts are created by those viewing said moments on television or in person. The biggest issue, though, for social media marketers has been trying to predict what hashtags or topics people will discuss during these events; which, either leaves them guessing on hashtags in advance, or forced to be near a computer as trending topics unfold.

With Twitter Event Targeting — announced on the company’s blog Thursday — having to work on Super Bowl Sunday may be a thing of the past for those in social media.

Twitter Event Targeting, now available to advertisers globally, is essentially a calendar of upcoming events around the world that SMMs can build campaigns around. Instead of playing the “guessing game” with potentially-used hashtags during events like the Super Bowl and VMAs, marketers can pre-select to show ads to people actively tweeting about live moments.

Image via Twitter

Once an event is selected, Twitter allows advertisers to see demographic & device usage information on the audience based on previous year’s data. Advertisers can also see last year’s highest-engaged tweets, so they can see how the conversation played out on the network before.

Twitter has also said that their Event Targeting utilizes an algorithm to avoid inundating users with the same ads, and even ads in general.

The company has published a few case studies from those with early access — all reporting positive results for Twitter’s Event Targeting. Mindshare UK targeted the British Open and Wimbledon, and saw engagement rate improvements ranging from 73% to 110% compared to 2014 results. Tech company Social Code reported a 17.95% engagement rate, at $.10 per, for a CPG client during an undisclosed live event.

While these numbers are certainly impressive, I’m going to give this a shot for some of my own clients before rendering any judgement on Twitter Event Targeting. One thing’s for certain: if advertisers can pre-select an event, instead of live-tweeting with trending topics, next year’s #HashtagBowl is going to look a hell of a lot different.

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