Tweets Return to Google Search; Twitter Revenue Beats Expectations

Despite still having trouble bringing in new users, Twitter beat Wall St. expectations when they announced Q4 revenue of $479 million today, which was up 97% year-over-year.

Increasing revenue (and active users) is the company’s #1 mission for 2015 — as discussed here previously near the end of last year. With the recent addition of rev-share opportunities for publishers and the pending launch of Twitter Video, the social network has already made numerous steps towards financial growth in just the first 30 days of the new year. 

During his Q4 earnings call, Twitter CEO Dick Costello also revealed that the company signed an agreement with Google to bring tweets back to search results. After disappearing from Google back in 2011, the return of tweets in the SERPs gives Twitter yet another opportunity to showcase their product to logged-out consumers — in the hopes of driving them to pages featuring Twitter advertising and potentially converting them to active users.

And users are something Twitter desperately needs more of. The company reported today a total of 288 million active users, while Wall Street’s expectation was closer to 295 mil. The company had reported 284 million in Q3 of last year.

The strangest piece of news from Twitter’s earnings call is that Costello says the company lost 4 million users due to Apple’s iOS 8 — a story you’ll just have to read for yourself to see how ridiculous it sounds.

Twitter’s strong revenue gains seem to be overshadowed just about everywhere you read by their stagnant new user totals. Though, as an avid user (who just so happens to dabble in social media marketing), I think the company is moving in the right direction — both financially and technologically.

Then again, I might just be biased (and, quite frankly, I’m not one of Twitter’s shareholders); what are your thoughts about Twitter’s Q4 earnings report?

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