Twitter News Tab Test Is Live For Some Users

While I’m still not over the company’s horrendous  decision to jettison the Discover tab earlier this year (which, not surprisingly, is one of the more popular posts on this site in 2015), Twitter is looking to get more of its adult users to consume topical information with the introduction of a News Tab.

The Twitter News Tab, which began rolling out to select app users in the US today, is exactly what it sounds like; top news stories of the day are highlighted, trending-topic style, in their very own tab. Below is an example from the Chicago’D Twitter account:


If a user would like to get more information on a specific story, they can click into each from the News Tab to find a link to the article itself, along with top tweets referencing each link. This is a sample of what one looks like:


After disappointing Q1 results, Twitter revenue in the second quarter was up 63% year-over-year, coming in at $452 million; however, new users only increased by 2 million during this time period, which has hurt the company’s stock price greatly. While it is certainly good news that Twitter has been able to generate record ad revenue — especially on mobile — if the company cannot get over this lag in user growth, it won’t be able to sustain revenue projections moving forward.

That’s why tests such as the News Tab — and Timeline algorithm modifications that we saw earlier this year — in combination with tweets reappearing on Google search results, are critical for Twitter to attempt to lure new, active users to the social network.

Interestingly, this Twitter News Tab test appears to be selective in its initial rollout. While the Chicago’D account has access to the new tab, my own personal Twitter account does not — even within the same app.

For those of you with access: do you find this News Tab to be useful??