Twitter’s “Night Mode” Comes to iOS

Whether its operating systems or apps, technology is beginning to adapt to the fact that we as a society don’t like to be without our phones—even at night. Popular on the Android version since its release last month, the Twitter night mode feature is rolling out to iOS users, starting now.

As the name implies, Twitter night mode enables users to shift to a darker theme to avoid eye strain in the later hours (or, if you just like it better, as I have thus far). Night mode can be activated via the gear icon at the top right of profile pages.

As Engadget points out, Twitter’s version of night mode isn’t exactly unique: TweetBot has had this feature available for users for some time. Unfortunately, Twitter’s endemic client doesn’t switch automatically based on time-of-day.

Still, night mode is both easy on the eyes, both literally & figuratively.

Twitter night mode for iOS is rolling out to iPhone and iPad users now.