Twitter’s Newest Revenue Source: Your Profile

Twitter’s focus on revenue growth in 2015 continues; this time, Re/code is reporting the company is testing Promoted Tweets to users’ profile pages.

In a screenshot (below) of what is reportedly a limited test, sponsored content is clearly labeled as “Suggested by Twitter” — and is separated out from the rest of that user’s timeline with a line break above and below.

Twitter Profile Ad via Re/code

Although I have been unable to replicate these profile ads on either of my Twitter profiles (or by visiting the profiles of others), Re/code reports these ads are being shown to signed-in users only during this test. This makes sense, given there’s limited capabilities to targeting people not signed into the platform — though, it wouldn’t surprise me if, eventually, Twitter partnered with large data aggregators like BlueKai or DataLogix to offer advertisers better targeting for non-users (or those simply signed-out) as well.

Verified Profiles won’t be part of this test, either; again, a reasonable move by Twitter, as they wouldn’t want to risk upsetting major brands by inadvertently showing a competitor’s ads on their profile.

There’s nothing on Twitter’s advertising blog regarding the test, so until the company plans on releasing more information, all we have is the Re/code report to go on for now. I’ll continue to check the webs for more information, and update this post when/if any becomes available.