Twitter’s “Quick Promote” Lets You Boost Tweets Faster

For some time, social media managers have had the ability to “boost” organic Facebook posts; essentially, turning each & every update into a potential unique advertising opportunity. Unfortunately, the same functionality hasn’t been available in Twitter — until today.

Twitter’s “Quick Promote” will now give SMB advertisers the chance to boost organic tweets, without going through the process of creating an entirely new campaign (or adding them to an existing one). Social media managers will simply have to log-in to their Tweet Activity Dashboard (located here) to select tweets to promote.

Image via Twitter

The functionality is basically identical to what users are already used to in Facebook’s platform (likely, the point), so the learning curve on this should be slight.

Personally, I think this is a huge win for both Twitter and for social media marketers. We have utilized Facebook’s Boosted Posts option on hundreds of occasions; as it is much more time-efficient, but gives us the ability to promote each post to specific audiences, and with their own budgets, schedules, and more.

The company has posted a video on Quick Promote (which appears to be hosted by Twitter’s own video service), which is posted below.