Twitter “Remarketing”: Missing Something

Working in Display media for several years, and even now with AdWords & the Google Display Network, I have consistently found one of the best performing tactics to be remarketing. Much of this is undoubtedly due to attribution being largely still “last click” or “last view”; but, there is something to be said about getting in front of potential customers to drive you brand message home.

Display marketing has it. PPC has it. And, now, Twitter remarketing is available to those looking to connect with their website visitors through social media.

There is, however, one big catch– which will make this technique, for now, much different than your standard digital marketing retargeting efforts.

Most remarketing campaigns rely on pixels dropping cookies on a website visitor’s browser. These cookies are collected by a data management provider (DMP), which in many cases for small to mid-sized business, is Google or one of the major Demand Side Platforms (DSP). This technique makes remarketing simple for anyone with a website; they can place the pixel directly on their pages, or in a container tag like Google Tag Manager, and presto– an audience begins to generate.

How Twitter “Remarketing” Works

Twitter’s audience targeting product, referred to as “Tailored Audiences” works in either one of two ways (or both, if you’re so inclined):

  1. If you partner with one of Twitter’s approved data providers on your site, you can collect cookies which then can be imported to Twitter
  2. Email addresses from your CRM system can be imported to Twitter to match with user’s emails to locate these users

The catch in both of these cases is that a) you need to be partnering with a data provider (which is costly, especially for smaller sites) or 2) you’ve already had to collect visitor’s email addresses at some point.











True digital marketing retargeting doesn’t rely on site interaction or partnering with a data provider. I would love to see, at some point, a pixel-based system, where Twitter fits the bill for the data. It will certainly open up this ad product to a larger market, and would likely, eventually, lead to a boost in Twitter’s ad revenue.

More information on Twitter Tailored Audiences can be found here.

Has anyone out there tried this yet? I’d love to hear some results, whether positive or negative.

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