Twitter Removes Usernames from Replies to Give Users the Full 140 Characters

This week, Twitter streamlined conversations on their platform by dropping usernames from replies—moving them to atop the tweet instead of counting them against the 140-character limit.

Twitter replies without usernames rolled out to some confusion amongst users, particularly from a visual standpoint. However, the removal of the @username from the beginning of the tweet does free up valuable real estate (something the company has been tinkering with for almost a year); and, from Twitter’s perspective, makes it easier for others to follow conversation threads.

Image via Twitter

Another change instituted along with this update gives users the ability to select individual users they wish to reply to in a group conversation.

The latest Twitter Replies update, however, does disable the trick of adding a period before an @username in a reply to have these tweets show up in your Follower’s timeline. A workaround for this is self-retweeting a reply, which Twitter also introduced last year.