Twitter to Begin Offering Rev-Share to Publishers, Apps

For tech geeks (such as myself), CES 2015 was a virtual orgy (double entendre intended) of high-def visuals, wireless sounds, and enough promising gadgets that we may never see to keep us excited for some time. However, not to be outdone, marketers — particularly, social media marketers, got some good news at the conference as well. 

Remember when I told you that Twitter was looking to take advantage of all of the “non-logged in” eyeballs they receive? As it happens, the first part of this plan was unveiled at CES; the company announced plans to partner with publishers and third-party apps to begin showing advertisers’ ads next to embedded Tweets.

By offering a rev-share with these partners, Twitter can move closer to its goal of increasing advertiser reach via its own content — while providing an incentive for publishers & apps allow Twitter ads to be shown.

Kind of a win/win, right?

MarketingLand is already saying this could be “revolutionary” for social media advertising; a sort-of “AdSense for social ads”.

I’ll hold off on my judgement until I see these rev-share opportunities in-action (the Wall Street Journal article everyone is referencing for this story doesn’t have any examples at this time). ESPN and Flipboard were mentioned as potential initial partners for these ads.

This will definitely be something I’ll be following over the next few weeks, and as more details become available, I will provide updates.

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