Twitter is Getting Stickers, Because Everyone is Out of Ideas

No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, tech companies have been mighty busy as of late flattering the shit out of each other. Instagram is becoming it’s parent company. Apple is getting into paid search. Google is mirroring WedMD. And Facebook & Twitter are busy playing catchup with Snapchat.

The latter became more apparent on Monday, when Twitter Stickers for photos were announced. As the name implies, Twitter Stickers give users the ability to, well, do you need it spelled out? You can add stickers to photos, of course!

The company is also rolling out a visual hashtag search with Twitter Stickers. When a user clicks on a Sticker in a photo, users are taken to a timeline chock-full of other photos which also incorporated the same Stickers in some fun, clever way (probably).

The new (to Twitter) feature didn’t come totally out of left field: Re/code reported that the company was working on “some sort of sticker feature” back in March of this year.

Twitter Stickers will be available for iOS and Android users in the coming weeks. Try to contain your excitement until then.