Twitter Will Stop Counting Links, Photos Towards 140-Character Limit

Per a report in Bloomberg on Monday, soon Twitter will stop counting links and photos towards the 140-character maximum in the social media platform. According to an unnamed source within the company, the change may go into effect in as early as the end of May.

Links are particularly problematic for Twitter users within the restricted limit—even when shortened, they automatically take up at least 23 characters. With Twitter placing a further emphasis on video, both from an advertising and user-experience perspective, and the company integrating GIFs directly into the platform, space is at a premium on the social network.

Image via All Things D

If Twitter were to stop counting links & photos towards the 140-character limit, usability could be improved—especially for those more familiar with the freedom that platforms like Facebook provide in this regard. And, unlike the idea of removing the character limit entirely (or making it some obscene number, like 10k), which isn’t very popular with “power-users”, adding to the character limit by not counting photos and links would hardly be noticed by anyone (let alone be considered negative).

Keep in mind: none of this has been confirmed by Twitter. Whether or not the company does decide to stop counting links & photos towards the 140-character limit is yet to be seen—though, I would hardly be surprised if this happened in the next few weeks.

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