Twitter’s Tweet Analytics Links Appear on Desktop

Two months after appearing for iPhone users, Twitter Tweet Analytics links are now being provided for (some) desktop users as well.

Though I cannot say for sure who (and how many) Twitter users now have access to in-tweet analytics, it doesn’t appear to be universal for all at this point. For example, on my personal Twitter account, I am seeing the option to view Tweet Analytics directly from my timeline:

Tweet Analytics Link in Timeline

However, on the Chicago’D Twitter account, the option to view analytics in my timeline isn’t available. Instead, I need to click into the tweet itself to get the option to “View tweet activity”:

Tweet Analytics link in expanded view

Note, my personal account is much older than the Chicago’D profile, so it may just be rolling out based on sign-up date.

Regardless of the inconsistent UX, one thing is clear — Twitter is continuing to get serious when it comes to providing social media marketers with more data on the content they are putting out there for their clients.

As we previously reported, Twitter is making moves in 2015 to continue revenue growth and, more importantly, bring in more new users. The social network has already released their native video product to iOS & Android users, extended rev-share opportunities to publishers and app developers, and made it easier for SMMs to quickly promote organic content.

With one month of Q1 remaining, it will be interesting to see what else the company has in store to continue their upward trajectory this year.

  • quentin

    Thanks for the article. Hint for those who may want analytics sooner (and not wait for it to roll out): If you are signed in to twitter and go to, it should recognize your username and give you access to your tweet analytics right there. Shortly after doing this, the analytics icon showed up in my feed 😉