Twitter Video is Here for Android, iOS Users

On the heels of Facebook launching its own native video service — which jumped from 1 billion views/day to 3 billion as of last month — Twitter rolled out its endemic video platform to Android & iOS users last week.

Twitter video, as previously reported here, is just one of the many developments the company plans to release in 2015.

Twitter video allows mobile users to either upload pre-recorded content (in MP4 or MOV format) or shoot right in the app itself. The time limit on videos is 30 seconds — clips longer than this can be trimmed before being posted.

Image via Twitter

Bad news for the social media marketers reading this: as of right now, it doesn’t yet appear that videos can be used for advertising purposes. I uploaded a short video of my own to Twitter yesterday, and checked my Tweet Analytics Dashboard to see if I could quick promote the post — however, the tweet with that video was not listed.

Likely, there will be some time for Twitter to work any of the bugs out of their system before native video is ready for mass promotion.

The initial Twitter video launch does not include desktop or Windows mobile users or any third-party tools such as Tweetdeck; videos also currently cannot be shared via DM, and aren’t available for tagging like with photos.

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