Twitter & Vine Extend Their Video Lengths

With video continuing to be a major force in digital, both Twitter & Vine will extend their maximum video lengths. On both apps, the new max will be 140 seconds.

While this is a nominal change for Twitter, the Vine video length has always been the platform’s trademark. Six-second videos on Vine aren’t going away completely, however; in-app, the short loops users are used to will still show by default. Videos longer than this will come with a “Watch More” button, which, as the name implies, will allow users to watch the remainder of the video.

On Twitter, videos are simply being extended from 30 to 140 seconds. This change impacts all users, and not just premium content creators. However, Twitter is introducing a feature similar to Suggested Videos on Facebook, which will initialize when someone taps on a video.

Vine also announced that it is working on monetization options for content creators. No additional details were provided, but it’s likely these would include some sort of pre-roll ad unit, similar to those running on Twitter.

For select “premium” partners on both Vine and Twitter, videos of up to ten minutes in length are an option. Twitter’s new video length begins immediately, while Vine’s is coming soon.