Using Twitter Website Cards to Drive Site Traffic

Following the deployment of their Lead Generation “cards” (as Twitter likes to call them), the social network has recently introduced website cards, which, as the name implies, are a tool within Twitter to help advertisers drive site traffic to any page within their website.

Many of us bloggers and publishers alike are already utilizing some sort of Twitter Cards (whether they be Photo or Summary) to help take up more real estate in follower’s Timelines, and offer a “preview” of content before someone actually clicks through. The problem with this for some on the marketing side is that the integration of these Cards requires a little dev work– small coding that must be inserted into the meta summary of each page. With Twitter Website Cards, however, dev involvement is removed, which, I imagine, is the main reason for this product in the first place.

While these new Website Cards do look a little different from the Summary or Photography cards we’ve seen in the past, the idea is the same– a preview of content, and allowing for a marketer to take up a bit more space, leading to, hopefully, more engagement.


One important distinction between Twitter Website Cards and the Cards integrated into a site directly, besides for the lack of coding needed, is that you will need to provide your own creative for the Website Cards, instead of Twitter pulling this from the site itself.

To set up Website Cards, simply visit your Ads Manager in the desktop interface, and click on the “Creatives – Cards” tab at the top. I personally set one up for this site within just a few minutes, so you should find this process fairly quick & easy. You can then either promote the tweet in one of your active advertising campaigns, or, if you choose, tweet it out to all of your followers instead.

While I have no metrics on the performance of Twitter Website Cards at the moment, it seems like it could be a great way for advertisers to capture additional engagement in their campaigns, especially if their website is not already Twitter Cards enabled.

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