Twitter Plucks Sharing, Commenting Off Vine

The Vine shut down is now official, as commenting & sharing on the network have been disabled by Twitter on Tuesday; and the new camera app launched on iOS and Android platforms.

Vine users still have time to download their old videos—either through the app or desktop site—but hurry; Vine is saying this ability will only be available until the 18th. After that, the videos will live on as a “memorial” of sorts to the three year-old social network; but, may be lost forever to their creators for redistribution.

As we previously reported, Twitter decided to nix Vine after losing many of its high-profile “stars” to competing outlets like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram’s video product, which launched after Vine—but with a 60-second max, gave content creators more time to express their creativity. Though Twitter eventually introduced means for Vine creators to monetize their videos, it turned out to be too little, too late; and even then, there were complaints of difficulties with the UI, sub-par payouts, and overall dissatisfaction compared to the results content creators saw on, say, YouTube.

Now, Vine “lives on”—barely. The Vine camera app, as it were, is a stripped-down version of the social network’s video capture tool, which grants users the ability to share directly to Twitter or save to their phone (but that’s all). No more Vine Soundboard, Snap-to-Beat, or Featured Track options. No ability to share directly via text or Facebook or any other social network. Oh, and for Windows Mobile users—no app for you (Twitter shut down the Windows platform on Tuesday, and doesn’t plan on launching the Vine camera app for these devices).

To prep for Vine Camera’s launch, Twitter updated its core app to auto-loop all videos under 6.5 seconds, regardless of what platform they are created in (including Snapchat, Instagram, etc).