The Inevitable Shutdown of Twitter’s Vine

Vine’s six-seconds of fame have come to an end.

Itself a producer of several “Internet stars” over the past three years, the short-form video app—purchased by Twitter shortly after its launch in 2013—will be “discontinued” in the coming months, per a blog post published on Medium this Thursday. The Vine shutdown came immediately following Twitter’s Q3 earnings call, in which the company beat Wall Street expectations on both revenue and user count.

Simultaneously, Twitter announced it would lay off nearly 10% of its work force after failing to secure a buyout deal with one of several potential suitors over the past month—including Salesforce and Disney, who were among the top names rumored to be interested in the social network.

For those following video’s meteoric rise over the past three years, the Vine shutdown will probably come as no surprise. While the Twitter app was relatively early to the market in terms of mobile video—back then, for instance, Instagram was solely for photos—products from Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter have come along since, giving content creators more options in terms of video length and rev share opportunities.

Even Twitter has made its Vine product a tough sell for content producers, by first introducing their own endemic mobile video offering, and since, providing extended default video lengths and ultra-competitive revenue agreements with no exclusivity clauses.

Also hindering Vine’s cause: the rise of live video. Apps like Periscope (another Twitter-owned property) and Facebook Live fulfill a niche that wasn’t quite being addressed by YouTube or any other standard mobile video platforms before them. Though Vine is short-form, it’s not exactly a “live video” product—nor does it offer content creators much freedom for filming what they wish.

Stuck in this middle ground, Vine has—like it or not—been doomed for some time.

For those with videos published to the Vine network, this content will remain accessible via the app’s web site for an indeterminate amount of time.

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