Why Do People Still Send Auto DM on Twitter?

Personally, I prefer Twitter to all other social networks. Facebook has become my Mom’s favorite place to hangout online; Instagram is cool for pics, but that’s about it; and Vine has too many rip-off artists and pre-teens. But, even on the 140-character network, there’s some absolutely annoying Twitter habits I can’t seem to get away from.

One of the worst, by leaps & bounds in fact, is the Auto DM. Auto DM on Twitter, for some reason, still continues years after the network’s inception, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

Names have been obscured to protect the guilty.

This has got to be the worst of all annoying Twitter techniques. I honestly do not understand how people, especially those that claim to work in “social media”, can consider this a “sound” marketing tool. No, I don’t want to connect with you on Facebook– if I did, I’d ask. If your product or site is interesting, trust me, an auto DM won’t help your cause. ‘@’ mentions, when they’re not spammy, are far more effective, and definitely not nearly as unwanted.

If you think you’re getting something out of these, you’re wrong. According to a study on Optify (which, for some reason, is down at the time of this post), Auto DM on Twitter leads to a 245% increase in unfollow rate. Yes, you read that right– 245%.

They’re lazy. And, the worst part, is that people generally can recognize these a mile away. In effect, you’re telling your potential customers, “hey, we don’t care enough to craft a personal message– so here’s some crap we send everyone”.

If you’re using these as a “marketing” tool, can I ask, why? Have you seen any measurable result? If not, maybe you should think about using social media the way it was intended, to, you know, be social.