New Designs for Text Ads on the Google Display Network

Maybe I’m just slow on the come-up, but considering I spend most of my day looking at ads online, I doubt this is something I’ve missed for very long.

The other night, I noticed, while checking this site after some design updates, that the text ads on the Google Display Network had a giant green arrow, instead of a smaller green or gray one. While I haven’t been able to replicate that large green arrow since, I’ve come across a few different variations on this site alone again today.











Another thing I just noticed: it appears Google is also testing including a site’s Favicon in the ads as well–

I think it’s GREAT that the Google Display Network is testing new colors & designs with these slightly-boring text ads, especially for those of us with clients without the budget to produce decent display ads. I would, however, like to know if there’s some rhyme & reason to the text display network ads changing color, or if Google is just randomizing this process for now.

Anyone have any additional insight into this?

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