Tweets Now Appearing On Desktop Search, Too

Three months after first making an appearance in mobile, tweets on Desktop search results in Google are now a reality.

Search Engine Land first reported earlier this month that Google was testing showing tweets for desktop users — the company made it official today through an exchange with the official Twitter account on the social network.

Like on mobile, not all search results will show tweets; and, even when tweets are shown, they can receive significantly different placement on-page depending on the query. Performing a search with a hashtag (such as #BlackLivesMatter) will generally yield tweets towards the top of the page, with results from various accounts displayed; however, as you can see below, a search for “Chicago White Sox” only surfaced recent tweets from the team’s official account, and even these were located mid-page.

Google showing tweets on desktop search furthers the relationship between the search giant and Twitter, which was renewed back in April, after being teased in February.

While Twitter is experiencing an influx of press on this news, the good PR comes just one day after the company’s stock price fell to record lows. TWTR shares opened today at $25.65 — $.35 below their IPO price.