Using Visitor Trends to Daypart Your Advertising

An excellent resource in AdWords, and many other self-service ad platforms such as DSPs, is the opportunity for marketers to daypart ads. Incorporating both hourly and day-of-week scheduling can help bring in maximum returns for advertisers with less waste.

Often times, the decision on when to include dayparting of ads is based on some sort of conversion metric. If your campaign goal is to, let’s say, sell widgets on your site, sales data can be analyzed to determine the optimal TOD and DOW to show your messages.

But, what if your goal doesn’t involve a specific conversion? Take this site, for example. While there certainly are conversion metrics I look at, from time-to-time, my #1 site goal is simply traffic. If I were managing a digital marketing campaign to bring in new site visitors, conversion data (what little there is) wouldn’t help me out much.

A campaign such as the one mentioned above calls for a different sort of data-set to provide an insight into optimal TOD/DOW ad scheduling. That’s exactly where visitor data, from Google Analytics or other sources, becomes quite handy.

On this site, for instance, Mondays receive the highest traffic volume (which is actually very common), and the rest of the week seems to trail off gradually day by day. Given that my advertising goal is site traffic, if I were actively marketing, I would curtail my ad efforts on Monday, gradually increasing them as organic & social traffic drops off. Weekends can vary, but for traffic goals, it would be a good idea for me to keep advertising on Saturdays & Sundays as well.

Time-of-day (TOD) trends can be a little more difficult to determine. Google Analytics does offer hourly traffic data, and you can break it down by day, but it does not give you an easy-to-digest chart of what time of day people are viewing your site.

However, what I have found useful is to look at several individual days, and chart out on my own when site visitation peaks. To access this data on your own (like the example below), simply go to Audience > Overview, and choose a metric, such as Uniques, Pageviews, or Visits.





Dayparting ads can have a major impact on your bottom line in Direct Response campaigns, but when your goal is bringing new eyeballs to your website, it can be just as an effective tool. Is anyone out there currently dayparting ads in this manner?