Yahoo Kills-Off RMX

Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange, collectively referred to as “RMX” by those in the programmatic space, will be shutting-down to non-Yahoo inventory as early as next week, according to a report on AdExchanger.

The move is not totally unsurprising; RMX hasn’t been nearly as beneficial in the RTB space as it once was — a decline that began back in late 2011, when the company started requiring advertisers to purchase “seats” on the exchange for the right to bid. 

I can personally attest to the drop in efficiency on Right Media from my own campaigns. At one time, say late 2010-2011, RMX was right up there with Google’s AdX in terms of ad performance & inventory availability. However, that hasn’t been the case as of late — while there has still been some Yahoo endemic inventory on the exchange, sellers have been ditching the platform for some time, leaving little “premium” inventory (not owned by Yahoo) available.

Acquired in 2007, Right Media has gone through a series of ups & downs over the years, as the previously-referenced AdExchanger article does a good job of detailing (and, unfortunately, as many Yahoo-owned products seem to do). Word is that Flurry, the mobile app analytics company Yahoo acquired in July of last year, will be merged with Gemini, which is the company’s self-service platform for mobile ads, to fill-in post-RMX.

Yahoo’s official statement on the sunsetting of RMX, as provided to AdExchanger, is as follows:

“Yahoo is progressing the Yahoo Ad Exchange to more properly reflect its place in our business strategy. Yahoo Ad Exchange will continue to be home to display inventory for Yahoo sites and other hand-selected premium sites. We will continue to buy display inventory on behalf of our advertisers, using Yahoo programmatic buying tools connected to other marketplaces.”