YouTube is Launching Six-Second Bumper Ads

Looking to garner additional interest in digital video advertising, Google’s YouTube announced on Tuesday a new format the company is referring to as Bumper ads.

YouTube Bumper ads are being positioned as a companion to the company’s TrueView product—unlike the latter, Bumper ads will not be skippable, but at six-seconds, Google is hoping that marketers will keep audiences compelled enough not to want to. 

Per the IAB’s 2015 ad report, video advertising—of which YouTube makes up a big part—accounted for the same 7% of spend in 2015 as it did in 2014. Though mobile’s substantial growth this past year has something to do with this, there could be some trepidation on the part of marketers to invest in TrueView, which allows audiences to skip ads.

The YouTube Bumper ads may help strengthen TrueView’s perceived value, if not also, as Google’s blog post posits, to help marketers with incremental reach and frequency.

Bumper ads will begin to be sold through AdWords in May on a CPM basis. At first, the ad format will only be available to those with a Google account rep—though, should they prove successful, expect them to be opened up to more advertisers at a later date.

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