The Best Article I’ve Read on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision

Often times, when major events happen in this country, us in the blogosphere take one of two routes: go immediately to the ‘Add New’ link in WordPress & spew our immediate thoughts, or wait, and let a few days pass until we hit the keys to form what, in our minds, is a less emotional, more cerebral, carefully-crafted approach.

Occasionally, though, before us more patient typists have the chance to relay our thoughts, someone beats us to the punch, posting our very own thoughts before we even had the chance.

Happily, in this case, the faster draw just happened to be perfect.

Saying I was outraged and shocked by the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision would be putting it mildly, for sure– though, before writing out a long, ranting diatribe about how separation of church & state is the foundation of our country, how corporations are not people with religious rights, and how, if men could get pregnant, this case would have never even been a forethought, I wanted to gather as much of the pertinent info as possible, to rebut any counter-arguments I may get in the comments or on Twitter.

Then, I came across this post by Rachel Sklar on Medium. It’s fantastically brilliant– not only because I personally would have employed the same humor & writing style, but because, when you think about it, there’s no real argument against it (though, some will undoubtedly try, regardless).

Thus, instead of re-inventing the proverbial wheel, I encourage you to read Ms. Sklar‘s post instead. If it makes you feel any better (though, why would it?), you can just go ahead and pretend a dude wrote it. Because, no matter what it looks like on the surface, the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision is not just a blow to women and reproductive rights and what have you– it’s, well, one of the absolute most insane redefinitions of “religious rights” this side of the Atlantic.

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  • david brinton

    ~ if men could get pregnant, this case would have never even been a forethought

    Nice. A child murderer who’s angry at men for limiting how old a child she can murder. Cool out. Look on the bright side. You can always spread your legs a few minutes to acquire another child to murder. There, now, I bet just thinking about the opportunity to murder another makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.