Can’t Keep Employees Around? You Better Recognize. (Seriously)

Having worked at several start-ups & smaller agencies, and really, just in marketing in general (where few people stay at one company for multiples of years), one topic that continually comes up amongst directors and the C-Suite is employee retention– or, more appropriately, the lack thereof.

Considering how often this issue is discussed, and given how close it hits to home, finding the below Infographic on employee retention & recognition, created by Officevibe, felt like it would register with this audience.

One surprising fact: the number one reason why Americans leave their jobs is that they feel unappreciated.

Think about that for a second: it’s not money, or benefits, or having a cool, all-encompassing office/bio-dome like Google– no, the #1 reason why employee turnover in this country is so high is the lack of employee recognition within our corporate cultures.

It’s not a difficult problem to correct, either; unlike compensation, where literally is sometimes out of executives’ control due to budget constraints, building an internal employee recognition program isn’t necessarily something that needs to impact the bottom line. Though, admittedly, it can be sometimes much less of a hassle to cut a check or authorize a salary increase, and that certainly doesn’t require much forethought. But, as evidenced by the below, this isn’t necessarily the best plan to keep people around.

Check out the below Infographic on employee retention & recognition, and let me know if you’ve had any similar experiences!


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