Why Chicago’D Joined “The Internet Slowdown”

When entering this site today, you may have noticed something that caused you to do a double-take. No, this isn’t some new interstitial ad we’re running; nor has your Internet connection actually slowed to a crawl. 

But, it’s a very real possibility that it will. And not “sometime in the long-too-distant-to-care-about” future, but quite soon, in fact.

I’ve written before about the fight against the FCC’s proposed new legislation, which will, in essence, end Net Neutrality as we know it. Unfortunately, thus far, all of the efforts taking place both on and off-line haven’t yet changed the FCC’s mind. They, reportedly, still plan to go-ahead with new regulations that would allow ISPs to charge websites for “faster access” to their content.

For Netflix and Facebook and countless other giants in the space, this serves as nothing more than another added cost. However, for smaller sites, including this very one, that do not have funding to pay for “fast” speeds, this can severely hinder the ability for their users to access videos, articles, photos, and more.

A new initiative, taking place today only, will aim to raise awareness of the proposed FCC regulations, while standing in solidarity to fight the decimation of Net Neutrality by our government.

Today’s “Internet Slowdown” will feature participation from dozens of websites, including Reddit, Cheezburger, Digg, Imgur, Upworthy, and WordPress (the CMS platform powering this website).  

Again, you’re Internet connection hasn’t been slowed– just yet. The popup featured on this site will be down by tomorrow; in the meantime, however, I urge each & every one of you to sign the petition. With hope, together, we can prevent the FCC from making a huge mistake.

More information on The Internet Slowdown, and the proposed FCC regulation that will end Net Neutrality, visit BattlefortheNet.com.