Yes, I purposely started my second attempt at a website with a oft-maligned colloquialism popularized by internet tolls (read: 35 yr old obese men-children who live in their parents’ basement) in the comment section of websites.

Here we go again….

A few years ago, I ran a blog/repository for cool shit I “borrowed” from other sites, where I basically ranted about whatever the F I wanted to. It was fun, but admittedly, a smidge, eh, soul-wrenching. Not because it consumed too much of my precious time, or even because Go Daddy is such a treat to deal with (see: why my permalinks on this site don’t work, and you see these “/?jdfifssujbfuckyou” URL strings, still), but because, when it was all said and done, I was like, one of one person actually reading it.

Well, fuck it.

If I am the only one reading this: Joe, you fucking rock.

I enjoy writing, and I enjoy ranting about shit that probably 90% of the world could give two fucks and a donkey dick about. So, I started anew. And this time, I’m here for good (or, two years, since I already paid for hosting & domain name for that time period, and being of the Jewish lineage, I’m hardly one to waste money). And yes, the site looks like some cookie-cutter version of some free WordPress theme I jacked (because, well, it is), but I’ll be working on that over time.

Welcome to Chicago’D. It’s kind of a combination of words, kind of a verb, kind of a “first domain name I found with ‘chicago’ and ‘d’ (which stands for “digital”, pre-verts)”, and kind of a place for me just to come and let off steam in the form of verbal diarrhea and vindictive hate-speech (non-racist, of course).

I think we’re off to a beautiful start.