A Good Week Here at Chicago’D

Sometimes, it’s good to celebrate the little wins.

This past week, this tiny little blog was featured on not one, but two Chicago news outlets’ sites, and received prominent attention in the Chicago Subreddit. Because of all of this, a site that normally gets 2-3k visitors per month received over 5k in 24 hours.

Not bad, for simply posting an infographic I found on Google last weekend.

This isn’t one of my usual informative or educational posts. No. Instead, this is what you’ll probably call a humblebrag. For me, I’m posting this on Chicago’D because a) it is my site and b) I’d like to save this for posterity purposes.

Here is the post on CBS 2’s website:















The article was even the most popular post during the day (slow news day, I guess):







Later in the afternoon, I noticed traffic coming in from The Chicago Sun-Times. They also picked up the infographic too, as seen here:



















Am I proud of this? Not really. I’d much rather one of the posts I spend time and research on putting together be featured somewhere prominent– but, hey, it’s a start. If that exposure got one or two people in this industry to read an interesting article on this site, and maybe come back, then it’s worth it.

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