Make-or-Break Customer Service Skills (According to Data) [Infographic]

Ask the CEO of any business, and they’ll confirm that one of the toughest positions to fill is customer service. It’s not that there aren’t qualified individuals out there for the role—because, let’s face it, there are—but often it is due to the difficulty in defining just exactly what a company is looking for in their customer support associates.

Fortunately for those considering a career in this field (and those looking to hire), the folks at Salesforce have compiled a helpful infographic containing the most important customer service skills for a prospective employee to possess. The infographic is backed-up with data from a variety of sources, from Psychology Today to Forbes, providing a wide-array of perspectives on the key qualities of those handling customer support for your organization.

Chief amongst those important customer service skills, including empathy, clear communication abilities, and patience, likely won’t come to any surprise to anyone who has worked as or with support reps in the past. However, enabling customer service to handle issues without transferring to a different department, for example, can dramatically increase retention rates—an insight companies may not consider during the training process.

Whether you’re looking to build up or improve your existing support staff, or thinking about a career in customer service yourself, I urge you to check out Salesforce’s article on important customer service skills, and view the infographic below!

Image via Salesforce