To Celebrate One Year, Chicago’D Has Been Redesigned

Several years ago, I started my first blog; which, unfortunately only ended up lasting a few months. Mainly, I struggled with a site that I had created specifically for writing content on the world of digital marketing– in that, like most people, I have far more interests than just what I happen to do for a living.

Luckily, I didn’t have that problem this time around. /s

Instead of giving up, though, I’ve embraced what Chicago’D has become– a place for me to write, basically, damn well anything I choose, about whatever topic I see fit at that moment. While this website has covered a broad-range of specialties, I’ve been able to remain fairly consistent in the site’s general tenets: digital marketing, entertainment, and technology. 

And so, here we are.

The one year anniversary of Chicago’D actually occurred in August (but who’s counting, really?), but, busy with work & a puppy & life, I kept on keepin’ on, until this weekend, Labor Day weekend, which gave me a chance to evaluate this site on a larger scale.

What I’ve known, for some time, is that the design I was using here was just not working on mobile devices. However, until my iPad purchase a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize how poorly the site performed on tablets as well.

2 out of 3 experiences sucked. And I needed to correct this.

Though I taught myself HTML back when my family accessed the Interwebs via free AOL disks, I am categorically not a web designer. Given that this site is hosted on WordPress, though, means I didn’t have to be to pull a new design together pretty quickly.

And I’m happy to be showing it off now.

While there are still numerous things I’ll be working on in the coming weeks, the basic redesign of Chicago’D is complete. I chose a theme that works well on both tablets and mobile devices, which was the main goal of the redesign in the first place. Again, this is still a work in progress, so there may be some issues you notice as you navigate through the site, I hope to have everything done soon.

Whether this is your first visit, or you’ve been here before– welcome to the new Chicago’D. Here’s to a productive 2nd year!