WordPress/Go Daddy Permalink Fix

During the last few days, I’ve been pulling out my ever-thinning hair in an attempt to fix the WordPress permalinks not working problem this site was having (you know, the “/?fjduifsuwsd” URLs you see sometimes).

Emailed Go Daddy. Twice. So helpful clueless. Referenced more than a dozen complaints on WordPress and Go Daddy forums, where people magically found answers by changing the permalink settings to Default then changing them back. I had no such luck. Deleted my theme. Changed my theme. Nadda.

Edited my .htaccess file. Deleted my .htaccess file. Took my .htaccess file out for a nice seafood dinner. Nothing. Was. Working. Because fuck.

With a little blind luck and just haphazardly hitting keys, would you know it…I’ve found the solution.

For those of you out there with the same frustration, simply remove the %category% and %tag% fields (leave them completely, utterly devoid of content). That’s it. Seriously.
You’re welcome.