“TLOP” Reportedly Hitting All Streaming Services on April 1st

According to multiple sources—and despite the rapper’s own claim to the contrary—Kanye’s The Life of Pablo will officially come to Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play beginning this Friday, April 1st.

While Kanye famously tweeted that TLOP streaming would be limited to Tidal (a company he partially owns)—even after initially promising that the album would be available on other services after just a week of exclusivity on the service—it appears that a “higher power” is stepping in on the matter; possibly, Universal, West’s label, which so far isn’t earning any revenue on Kanye’s latest effort. 

Tidal, on the other hand, has made out fairly well from The Life of Pablo thus far. In just the first ten days of the album’s availability on the service, TLOP streaming surpassed 250 million; and, just one year after Tidal’s launch event in NYC, they’ve added 2.5 million new subscribers—45% of which are paying for the company’s $19.99/month hi-fi plan.

TLOP‘s exclusivity to Tidal dissolved somewhat earlier this week, as singles “I Love Kanye” and “Famous” were released to both Apple Music and Spotify. While the precedent to fully release The Life of Pablo on services outside of Tidal has already, therefore, been set, take caution before staying up to 12:01am to finally hear Kanye’s latest: after all, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day; and, we are talking about Kanye here. Anything is possible.