Prince’s Entire Warner Bros Lineup Hits Streaming Services Sunday

Streaming Prince music, particularly for free, hasn’t been an easy feat. However, nearly ten months after his sudden death, Prince’s entire Warner Bros. catalog will return to streaming services outside of Tidal, following a deal made on behalf of the late artist’s estate.

Prince famously removed his music from all streaming platforms, aside from Jay-Z’s Tidal, back in 2015; beginning Sunday February 12th, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music will all have access to the Warner Bros. albums, which includes such hits as Purple Rain1999, and Little Red Corvette. A complete list of all the albums Spotify will be offering as a part of this haul can be found here.

Bloomberg first reported that Prince’s estate was seeking this arrangement in time for Sunday’s Grammys, which will supposedly feature a tribute to the fallen musician. Last month, the estate made a deal with Universal Music, which includes merchandising, Prince’s vast unreleased catalog, and the 20+ albums the artist recorded after parting ways with Warner in ’96.

Prince’s estate owes an estimated $100 million in taxes, according to the BBC—giving these deals more urgency, particularly since the singer did not have a will when he passed.