Kanye Propels Tidal to #1 in the App Store

Thanks to the new Kanye West album being a temporary(?) exclusive, The Life of Pablo on Tidal has pushed the music-streaming app to the number 1 spot in Apple’s App Store.

The album, formerly known as Swish and Waves before Kanye pulled an 11th-hour change & decided on a new title (as he appeared to do with the tracklisting—all of which played out live to his ever-confused fans on Twitter), debuted on Tidal directly following the rapper’s appearance on this week’s SNL

The TLOP Tidal release hasn’t gone without a hitch: while the album was slated for release Thursday, it was pushed back due to some last minute changes until after the SNL performance without any update from Kanye on a revised release date. Even after the SNL announcement, Kanye’s website wasn’t updated with a link to The Life of Pablo on Tidal (still hasn’t), and Tidal itself at first didn’t have the album, either—and then, was missing one song entirely. Finally, TechCrunch is reporting that “thousands” of Kanye fans shelled out $20 for a physical copy of the album, but never received the download link—much of this is do to the fact that Kanye himself decided to pull physical album sales after they had already started, something outside of Tidal’s control.

If you’re like me and you had no plans of signing up for Tidal, I’ve got some bad news: just a half hour ago, Kanye seemingly reneged on previous plans to make TLOP a Tidal exclusive for only a week—at which point it would be available on other services, such as Apple Music.

Whether or not this changes—like TLOP itself did so many times—remains to be seen. In the meantime, The Life of Pablo can be streamed on Tidal here.

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