Calm Down, Bulls Fans– It’s Just One Game

Let’s just set the record straight: I’m what you may call a “casual” admirer of basketball. Not to be confused with a fair-weather fan, mind you: I’ve always rooted for one team, and one team only. Bandwagoner I am not. Just, not a die-hard for the sport as a whole.

Keep in mind, I grew up in the 90’s; in Chicago. I was 14 years old when Michael Jordan and Co won a record 71 games. I was around to witness one of the greatest dynasties not limited to basketball– but the world of sports. Period. Tell me you think you’ve got someone on your favorite team more awe-inspiring than Jordan, and I will quickly call you out as the liar you are. Dare I say it, ‘kids these days…’; they just don’t have any idea what “legendary” looks like.

Enough tripping the light fantastic. What’s past has passed.

Chicago just so happens to have found itself an other potential future HOF’er in Derrick Rose. Coming off of a major injury (which, was almost equally painful to watch happen), Rose in preseason played with some of the same intensity that earned him an MVP trophy.

So, the first game of the season, against the universally hated Heat (outside of Miami, that is), the Bulls admittedly did not look great. Joakim Noah didn’t have the benefit of much playing time in the preseason, & was a little too aggressive dribbling the ball up the court, likely with this image still burned in his cerebellum. Defensively, the Bulls were giving up three-pointers like free throws. I could continue– frankly, I’m no basketball commentator, but I think you get the idea. We didn’t look good, for sure.

What surprised me though wasn’t necessarily the point differential between the Bulls & Heat. What was disappointing was some of the reactions from so-called “Bulls fans” on Twitter & other social media venues. Comments ranged from “we suck” to “better luck next year” to this highly-dedicated fan I saw on The Bulls’ unofficial Tumblr page:

Bulls suck I give up on this team

Wow. One game into an 82-game season, huh? That’s commitment.

The Bulls do have some competition this year: Indiana looks good. So do the Cavs, the aforementioned Heat, and who knows, probably a dozen other teams that will blossom in the next few months. And, while I’m no expert on the subject of the hardwood, I do know a little something about math; one out of eighty does not a losing season make.

Even the ’96 team lost 11 games. We’ve still got a ways to go.