Chicago Bears 2015 Salary Cap: By the Numbers

The Chicago Bears 2015 salary cap is an estimated $144.6 million (yes; that is insane). While most of the BearsFam know that QB Jay Cutler is the highest paid on the club (for better or worse), care to guess what position takes up the largest chunk of that (again, massive) figure?

The folks at Olivet Nazarene University — where our Bears currently are participating in training camp — have put together this infographic highlighting the anticipated 2015 salary for each player. In addition, the Chicago Bears 2015 salary cap is analyzed by on-field position; giving fans a true sense of just how valuable some of the specialty positions are to the team’s front office.


Infographic provided by Olivet Nazarene University

While some Bears fans may find it rather surprising that the D Line racks in the highest salaries all-told, consider this: with 14 total Defensive Lineman on the roster, this position takes up the second-highest number of slots, only behind the O Line. And, with Jared Allen (2nd on the team behind Cutler in total 2015 salary) and Lamarr Houston (5th), the D Line has more players in the top 10 than any other spot.

It’s also not surprising — in the NFL, at least — to see rookies like Kyle Fuller (S) and Kevin White (WR) to earn more than a fan-favorite like Alshon Jeffery. Rookies can generally command more of a premium for their perceived future value than players who have had mediocre-to-decent seasons under their belt.

Whatever your feelings on how the Chicago Bears 2015 salary cap ought to be divided, none of this will matter if the team can’t overcome last year’s shortcomings (and projections by the likes of USA Today, which put the team at 3-13) and string together enough wins to make an impact.