How Do You Solve a Problem Like The Chicago Bears?

Let’s just put this out there, folks: I’m not a sports reporter. I’ve never coached any level of football, and though I played the sport for nearly a decade, the last time I strapped on pads was nearly twice that long ago.

That said, I am a fan of the Chicago Bears. As a fan, albeit one with no professional experience to speak of, even I know that the team has some significant problems.

It has become painfully obvious through the first half of this year. I just wish the solution was.

With Jay Cutler at the helm, Matt Forte in the backfield, a solid O-line, and a WR tandem of Brandon Marshall & Alshon Jeffrey, the Bears, on paper, have the best offensive weapons in the league. Yet, through 8 games, the team has yet to crack 30 points in any individual contest.

The defense, however, is completely devoid of the characteristics that gave this team its unofficial nickname, “The Monsters of the Midway”.  Sure, they’ve dealt with injuries to Charles Tillman & Lance Briggs, among others; but, still, giving up 38 points to the Packers and 51 to the Pats isn’t how a team wins football games.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the well-publicized locker room skirmish and defensive end Lamarr Houston’s season-ending celebration injury (the Bears were down by 25 at the time, BTW) and Cutler’s 8 interceptions following being resigned to a 7 year, $126 million deal in January. Add to this players getting upset at booing fans (can you blame us, really?) and so-called “fans” attacking Marc Trestman’s daughters on Twitter (which is, likely, the dumbest thing I’ve heard in years)– and what you’ve got is a mess of a football club.

How bad are we? At 3-5, the Bears have been compared to the old Detroit Lions by one writer; and the schedule doesn’t look promising from here forward. Following today’s bye, the Bears immediately face a re-match with the Packers in Green Bay, still have two games against the 6-2 Lions, and will play the Saints and Cowboys back-to-back in December. 

So, can the Chicago Bears overcome their problems and salvage 2014?

Sure, I guess. It’s not very likely; but, on any given Sunday, right? Still, the Bears need some serious changes if they expect to turn-around anything. Fire Mel Tucker, for starters. Though I refuse to put all the blame for our D’s flaccid play on the coordinator, maybe it’ll spark something in the team. Take some pressure off Cutler by more effectively utilizing the run and short-passing game, and, for god’s sake, take control of the damn locker room.

Fans: do you have any ideas on how to help this Chicago Bears team? All-around Cutler bashing will not be accepted; constructive critiques of our squad, and ways to salvage what’s left of 2014, are welcome.

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