Win or Lose, the 2014 White Sox Are Fun to Watch

Yesterday, Sunday the 12th, I embarked upon my first journey to my beloved Comiskey Park (I’ll never refer to it in its corporate moniker) of the season. Admittedly, it is a little later in April than I’d like to first get there, but this Chicago weather plus my other responsibilities kept me from visiting sooner.

The day started off great. I was greeted when walking from the 35th Street Red Line with this tribute to Frank Thomas, still one of my favorite Sox sluggers of my lifetime.

The bad news first: the Southside Hitmen lost.  The end score looks worse than it really was, but still, an ‘L’ is an ‘L’. The bullpen still needs improvement. Starter Felipe Paulino didn’t look great, and gave up runs in basically every inning he pitched. Newcomer Jose Abreu had a poor day, with 3 strikeouts (rare for him, given his season performance thus far).

Now to the good news: Adam Eaton homered, and reached base 3 out of 3 times. Gillaspie had a hit, a run, an RBI, and was walked– twice. Plus, it was 70+ degrees out, and after the Winter Chicago had, that’s enough to make it a great day. The newer food options at Comiskey didn’t hurt either– bacon on a stick, the walking taco (basically a Fritos bag full of goodness), and, my personal favorite, the chest-grabbing deliciousness known as Irish Nachos, which consist of fries, bacon, sour cream, chives, jalapenos, and enough nacho cheese to make your cardiologist gasp.

This Saturday game marked a change from what we were shown by the 2014 White Sox in the previous week; which, speaking from a biased opinion, was pretty damn entertaining. Abreu has had games, in three days mind you, with 2 homers a piece. Last Tuesday’s route of the Colorado Rockies, in which the Good Guys knocked in 15 runs, highlights just what potential these Southsiders have offensively this season. Chris Sale is still pitching like a madman, and if the bats continue for the Sox, then Jose Quintana has the potential to secure more favorable decisions than non.

This isn’t the same 100-loss team we suffered through in ’13. Although, let’s be clear– I’m not predicting a World Series this year, nor do I believe we’ll even get far in the playoffs. KC has potential, and Detroit is looking good early on, so this won’t be an easy year. Combined with the unfortunate loss of Avisail Garcia (season-ending shoulder injury), it’s going to be tough. But, if early indicators mean anything, it’s going to be damn entertaining to watch.

And, given the youth this 2014 White Sox team possesses, we could be in for some exciting years to come.