White Sox: Ventura Wants to Keep Going Despite Miserable Year

…but, the real question is: do we want him to??

As a player, I loved Robin Ventura. His awkward stance in the box. His ability to hit grand slams just at the right moment. His tenacity on the field. But, as a manager…I’m just not sold.

As of Friday, the White Sox had lost 93 games, a number that may reach above 100 before this atrocious season is in the books. Ventura’s current contract expires following the end of next season; he had previously turned down a contract extension offer through the Fall of 2015, but according to the Sun-Times, is willing to discuss sticking around for a while longer after 2014 is over. Before this season, I might’ve been all for that; hell, I probably would have been cheering for it. Now, though, I’m not so sure.

Granted, GM Rick Hahn hasn’t exactly provided much for Ventura to work with– I mean, Dylan Axelrod is still in a Sox uniform, after all. But as the 3 and 4 games-in-a-row losses started piling up, it’s up to the Manager to make some changes on his own. I worry that this is something Ventura isn’t quite willing to do.

The likelihood that– following Ozzie Guillen’s ranting, raving, and general disobedience, –Ventura was brought on-board because he was willing to be a “yes man” to Jerry Reinsdorf and Hanh is not out of the question. Make no waves for us, will keep the waters calm for you…that sort of thing. I’m sure Reinsdorf doesn’t mind the lack of headaches. And, unless the White Sox put together another ’05 team, the seats won’t be any more or less packed regardless of performance. So, why stir up the pot?

Sorry– but that mentality doesn’t work for me. Or the legions of other Sox fans out there. If Ventura can’t or won’t step up to the challenge, make the hard decisions, and put together a respectable record next season, he doesn’t deserve another chance.

I guess we’ll find out next year, following what is sure to be a general house-cleaning & “rebuilding” Winter.

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